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As a leading mobile app development company, Codewexy Digital offers innovative flutter app development services. Flutter is a revolutionary UI software development kit, complete with a framework, tools, and widgets provided by Google to develop applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and Web. Flutter app development is used by various multinational companies for fast development and native app performance. Flutter development allows developers to create high performance, fast, expressive, and flexible designs. We are a renowned Flutter app development company, delivering next-generation mobile app development services across the globe from past years. We intend to deliver innovative solutions to bring an assertive growth within the client’s business.

Flutter App Development Service we provide: We are a prestigious flutter app development company in India, having expertise over the emerging technology. We help you create attractive native apps from a single code base.

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Flutter Development

Flutter Mobile Application Development Services
We Provide:

Cross-platform app development services

Cross-Platform App Development-

We help you to create your mobile app strategy stronger by developing high-performance cross-platform apps for Android and iOS. Our flutter mobile app developers make complete use of flutter development tools to help our client’s business reach a superior position.

Hire Flutter App Developers-

If you are looking to hire flutter developers, Codewexy Digital is the right choice. We offer staff augmentation service for flutter app development on a contract basis(time or project ). Our developers have expertise over the versatile flutter app development SDK for developing cross-platform mobile apps.
Flutter app developers
API and UI development services

API and UI Development for Mobile-

We also provide services for interactive API development using Flutter. Flutter uses Dart’s Integrable API and supports developers to create API and third-party integration. Our developers make effective use of Flutter UI to deliver exceptional services.

Flutter Migration and Up-gradation Services-

If you want to migrate to flutter or need to update your applications to the latest version, We can help you with our services. We support you to keep your application updated and provides the best user experience.
Flutter Migration Srvices
Flutter App Maintenance

Flutter App Maintenance and Support-

We ensure complete security audit and application enhancements. We have a team of experts available 24/7 to support the customer in fixing errors at any level of complexity.

Customized Android and iOS Spp Development-

With our revolutionary apps solutions we offer customized Android and iOS Development services. We deliver interactive, esthetic, and user-friendly apps on a single code base with flutter. We always ensure powerful application solutions that meet the clients business requirements.
Customized app development Services-

Why Should Startups Choose Flutter Services for Mobile App Development?

Flutter is an open-free source Software Development kit that itself all the requires for mobile app development. Flutter is based on Dart(Object Oriented Programming language) and also provides widgets for creating high performing, fast and customizable applications. What’s makes flutter a different and better choice for the Flutter app development service?

Fast UI Coding

Fast UI Coding:

Flutter provides a “Hot reload feature” that helps in quick reload of code on the app. It allows the developer to analyze changes in code in real-time without starting the build process. It simplifies the process of fixing errors.

Easy to adopt

Easy to Adopt:

The main aim of flutter architecture is to make the mobile app development process easier for developers. Flutter offers layered architecture to design complex applications faster and developers have control over widgets.

Single Codebase

Single Codebase:

Now you don’t need to write different codes for iOS and Android, Flutter helps developers to create an interactive mobile application with a single code base. Flutter doesn’t depend on the platform as Flutter has its own widgets and designs.

Widget Creation

Widget Creation:

Widgets is the core concept of the Flutter framework. Widgets is a UI component and its composability feature help in creating the user interface of any level of complexity. Besides it also allows customization of existing widgets with the help of a rich widget library available in SDK.

Faster App Testing

Faster App Testing:

With Flutter, developers need to carry out only one testing process for both the platform. Flutter app development making the quality assurance process faster and more effective.

Minimal Code

Minimal Code:

Flutter uses Dart Programming language which uses AOI(Ahead of TIme) and JIT(Just In Time) compilation to improve startup time, functionality, and increases app performance. It enhances the development process and provides glitch- free experience on all platforms.

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